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"Your partner in quality and excellence"

Keeping your production facility running is our priority.

We have specialized in making die molds and upsetter tooling for tubular production companies all over the Houston area since our founding in 1999.

What about you would be inventors and innovators? We can help design prototypes and production runs for all kinds of different products!

All we need is a drawing and we can get to work! Don't have a drawing? We can reverse engineer prototypes as well!


We don't typically engage in hyperbole, but we will say that no matter what industrial problem you have, we've already been part of the solution.


When you've been in business as long as we have and faced technology's increasingly rapid developments, you learn a few things. Or, in our case, more than a few. We not only have simple, ready-to-implement solutions for almost every problem, but if you bring us something new, our engineers would love to work with you to find the solution.

Have a flange or valve that needs repairing? We can fix it! Or maybe you have a custom seal design you'd like to implement? We can build it!

W.A.Z. Service Machine specializes in manufacturing and repairing both flanges and valves of all shapes and sizes!

OIL tools

Petroleum fuels the world

And keeping your production facility running is our number one priority.  We specialize in manufacturing and maintaining the tools necessary to make sure that happens.

Custom jobs

oil tooling

custom jobs

Not only do we machine, but we design

Bring us your custom drawings, designs, or prototypes and we will work with you to make them a reality!

- custom flanges / flange repair
- valves / valve repair

- upsetter dies / punches

- bushings

- Clamps

- pins

- rollers

- plates

- custom tooling / fixtures

- teflon products

- stainless steel products

- emi parts

- sheaves

- split weights

- custom threading

- engravings

- custom jobs

- general maintenance



When there are alot of moving parts working together, things inevitably fall apart.

We offer general maintenance on anything you may find yourself in need of repairing. Just bring it by and we will do everything we can to fix the problem!